Glamping in West Glacier

Aug 31, 2016

We arrived at our West Glacier KOA and boy is it nice 🙂   Lot’s of trees, shrubs and freshly mowed grass.  A poured concrete for outside living makes for a happy wife.  Why?  Because Carol is a clean freak and when we have gravel, or heaven forbid mud & dirt, I can’t help but carry it in and then no happy wife.  As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life.

Note to self: the Airstream is supposed to be next to the concrete pad so that you don’t step in the gravel when  you come out.  I’m still learning 😦


Here’s another view of this awesome KOA (and the air is starting to clear):


Speaking of glamping, I noticed a Dish satellite antenna attached to the laundry room.  No way, I’m thinking, but sure enough, there’s a TV in the laundry room with a full list of channels.  We haven’t missed TV very much except for the evening national news.  I know millennials don’t get this but I like.  And I just might spend 30 minutes of happy hour this evening in the laundry room.

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