Reminds Me of Patagonia

Today is a layover day so we headed up into the mountains to explore Glacier NP.  Since Carol’s anxiety kicks in when I drive on tight, twisty roads, I passed the keys to her and rode shotgun.

Going-to-the-Sun Road is one of the world’s most spectacular highways (quoting from the map) and they were’t kidding.  It’s 50 mi long and bisects Glacier as it hugs the cliffs below the Continental Divide on the traverse to Logan Pass.   Vehicles over 21′ long or 8′ wide need not apply.

We took about 3 hrs for the out & back ride up to the 6,646 ft pass and it was worth every minute.  Too bad there were wild fires in parts of ID and MT that all but destroyed the air clarity and the cloudy sky didn’t help.  Nonetheless, the mountains are incredible and minded me of Patagonia due to the steep vertical side.  We are coming back next summer 🙂

West Glacier turnoff:


Smoke obscured mountains:


A peak just below Logan Pass:



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