Why Travel Trailers Rock

Aug 30, 2016

Carol and I drove I-90 today across Idaho (hello Coeur d’Alene) and entered Montana.  The route took us along the Clark Fork River.  Beautiful.  So beautiful that I’m in trouble again.  We were cruising along when Carol said to pull over NOW – so she could use the facilities.  And then I saw this awesome pull out and hit the brakes.

TiVo and I jumped out and had a great time just to give a girl some privacy.  Steep walls along the road so Montana DOT added concrete barriers to keep the rocks from rolling into the road.  TiVo jumps up on the barrier thinking it has a top but it’s only 4″ wide.  Over the side he goes flapping his arms like a bird.  Turns out the back side drop was a bit more than the front.  Never seen him do that before but all is well.

But that’s not why I’m in trouble.  After we arrived at West Glacier, I opened the door to the Airstream to find the dinette table had crashed.  Turns out that my cooler, where I have our red wine, slid down that aisle when I hit the brakes and took out the support leg.  Busted the darn thing.  Oopsie.

Here’s the shot.  Not sure it’s worth a dinette leg but trust me, this is a beautiful place.



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