Heading South Before the Rain

Oct 31, 2017

Happy Holloween everyone!

After an wonderful ten weeks in Marin County, we packed up and started our journey south.  We’ve never been snowbirds (rain birds?) before but this will be our second winter in AZ.  We’re looking forward to it.

Our timing couldn’t have been better as the rain moved in a couple of days after we left 🙂

But first, we decided to spend a few days in the Central Coast area and another three weeks in the Palm Springs area before AZ.

Our itinerary was simple:  a night near San Juan Batista, another near Paso Robles and then two nights at Trilogy at Monach Dunes.  The latter is an active retirement community and we’re considering it for a potential retirement home.

Trilogy is a Shea Homes development and we’re well aware of the risks of planned communities.  But it has some of the key things we’re looking for:  cool year round weather (it’s only a few miles from the coast), golf, gym, restaurant, etc.

Trilogy hosted us in one of the model homes and we enjoyed a round of golf and dinner in their bistro.  The residents were really nice and we have no complaints except perhaps the dust that blows off of the sand dunes.  It was everywhere.

The development is 70% sold out and here’s the view from the model home.  Yes those are vineyard that they’re putting in.


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