Emerald Desert in Palm Desert

Nov 6, 2017

After our Trilogy visit, we headed south to Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley.  Other than a long weekend 20 yrs ago, we haven’t spent any time down here so thought the stop would be worth it.

The plan is to stay for 21 days at the Emerald Desert RV Resort before heading to Mesa, AZ to visit with my parents.

Emerald Desert is a high end park at >$100 per night but it’s really beautiful.  Unlike the Marin RV park that is a gravel parking lot, Emerald Desert is landscaped with lots of lush grass.  There are even two golf holes left from the days when they had a nine hole course.

Here’s the view from behind the green and that’s our Airstream center right.  This is probably the plushest site we’ve had over our 15 months of travel.


This brings up one of my pet peeves about Southern California:  What the f are they doing planting so much grass in the middle of an f’in desert?

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