Talkeetna – 25 Years Later

Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Anchorage is now in our rear view mirror as we are heading to Denali National Park.  But first a two night stay in Talkeetna, a small town on the Susitna River about halfway to Denali.  I was here back in ’92 and I had goosebumps when we pulled in.  More on that in the next post.

The route to the summit of Denali starts at the Talkeetna Airport.  Several companies are based here that have planes that are equipped with skis that can be lowered once the plane is airborne.  The landing strip is on the Kahiltna Glacier at approximately 7,000 ft.  Then it’s only 13,000 ft to the top 🙂

We’re staying in the Talkeetna Camper Park  near the Talkeetna Airport and we’ve been watching the planes take off as they ferry climbers and/or take tourists on flightseeing trips.

Here’s one operated by K2 Aviation.


One thought on “Talkeetna – 25 Years Later

  1. When we were traveling through Alaska in 2013 we wanted to spend a couple of days in Talkeetna. I called the Talkeetna Camper Park a day or two before we were going to be there and got the last site! Loved the town of Talkeetna.


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