Go Big or Go Home

Tue, Sept 6, 2016

Today was a long one as we drove 350 miles crossing South Dakota on I-90.  Relatively boring other than the morning storm.  I slowed to 55-60 with wipers on full but the semis were having none of it.  When four in a row blasted by me, I was in whiteout for a solid minute.  Scarred the bejesus out of me.

During our trip, we have marveled at the size of the rigs in the campgrounds as we thought our 25 footer was a good size.  Not so.  While our’s may be good for a couple, it’s too small for a family for anything other than a quick weekend outing.

If you have a family and want to be comfortable, you need a class A motorhome or a fifth wheel travel trailer 🙂

Class A motorhomes look like a bus, have slide-outs to widen the LR and BR and are 40 feet long.  They typically tow a small car or jeep for mobility while camped.  We toured one a few days ago and it had 1-1/2 (!) bathrooms.

Traditional travel trailers are limited because they attach to a hitch that is cantilevered off the bumper or frame.   This means that the tongue weight exerts torque on the frame and well, there are limits.  I’m at mine with the Cayenne.

Fifth wheels to the rescue as the hitch is in the pick-up bed directly over the rear axle.  Bingo!  No torque!  Just like a semi-tractor trailer.

Here are tonight’s neighbors with their Class A’s and fifth wheels.


And here is the back side of the two on the right showing their slide outs.


2 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home

  1. Dave-Nice to read each new post, as there seems to be a lesson in each one. Today’s lesson is either: (1) Size Matters or, (2) A tongue can only take so much. 😉

    Glad you two are having a good time. I’m planning to visit Foxtail North again in the near future; will let you know how it goes.


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