NASCAR at Phoenix Int’l Raceway

Thu – Sun, Mar 8-11, 2018

During our trip to Baja last year, we met a group of full timers who travel together to special events.  This weekend’s NASCAR race is one of those events.

I love cars and car racing but have never really been into the NASCAR scene and have never attended one of their races.  So this was a first for me.

We settled into our spot alongside the 86’ers and did what all NASCAR attendees do:  we opened a beer.  The first of many that weekend.

The RV grounds are laid out in the desert in one giant grid.  Here’s our street with our Airstream on the far left.  The grid went on for what seemed like miles.


Cars are on track most of the weekend and are either tuning their cars, qualifying or racing.  Here’s the race on Sat that’s sorta like AAA baseball, ie, it’s one level below the top.  That’s a Camaro pace car with the field right behind.


Oops!  Blown engine.  Better bring out the street cleaners.


And Sunday’s race day.



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