Palm Creek Days Are Nearly Over

Tue, Mar 6, 2018

I’ve been offline the past couple of months because, well, there hasn’t been anything post worthy.  Carol and I have been relaxing in the Palm Creek RV Park and there’s been no adventure travel.  Just lots of R&R.

Last Fri marked 14 weeks since my ATV accident and I’m pretty much healed.  I no longer have pain from my fractures, ie, three vertebrae, two pelvis, one hip and one rib.

I still have some lower back pain but that’s probably because I’ve been beating too many golf balls on the driving range.  And my right shoulder will never be the same.  I don’t understand the physiology but the clavicle has been repositioned and isn’t going back.  So I have a bump that sticks up but it works so I’m grateful for that.

Palm Creek RV Park has been our home since Dec 26 but we’re leaving on Thur.  So tomorrow is a cleaning and organizing day.

On Thursday, we’re heading to NASCAR weekend at the Phoenix International Raceway and then we’ll spend three days with my parents in Mesa, AZ.  Then over the border at Yuma for a teeth cleaning and then a two week return to the Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Desert.  Then back to Marin on April 1.  Yippee!

One thought on “Palm Creek Days Are Nearly Over

  1. Hope you guys have enjoyed hooking up with friends and the races. Sorry we haven’t been able to connect. Keep in mind June at the cabin with the rest of the gang. Love to see you guys!!


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