Two Activities Per Day

Sat, Dec 30, 2017

It’s a day early but Happy New Year’s everyone 🙂

Yesterday marked five weeks since my ATV accident and I’ve been healing, albeit slower than I had hoped.

My right hip, rib and shoulder are still sore but I’m returning to somewhat of a normal lifestyle.  For example, I can walk without my cane but the pain builds throughout the day and I’ll start to limp (which minimizes the pain).  I’ve also returned to the gym but am working with light weights otherwise my rib or shoulder will complain, depending on the particular exercise.  And I’m a long way from running and road cycling is still out as I can’t afford a fall, not with unhealed vertebrae.

The good news is that I’m back to two activities per day, somewhat of a retirement goal for me.  In the past, it might have been a run or ride in the morning followed by an afternoon hitting golf balls.  These days, it’s the gym or a swim in the morning and then chipping & putting or perhaps the wood shop in the afternoon.  The latter has been fun as our wood working club has every tool and machine imaginable and the guys and gals in the club are really good.

One thought on “Two Activities Per Day

  1. Hi Dave & Carol! Hope you had a Nice Christmas?! Happy New Year to you Both!! Dave we are glad to hear you are on the mend and for finding new ways to stay active. We miss you and we are looking forward to catching up to you in the spring! Enjoy the weather as we are freezing here in Nor Cal. Looking forward to Arizona weather and fun times! Take care!!

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