Goodbye Alaska, Hello BC

Fri, Jul 21, 2017

Today was an early one as we had a 6:45 departure from Ketchikan, AK to Prince Rupert, BC via Alaska’s ferry.

They wanted us to be there two hours early.  Sorry but our arrival at 5:45 should be sufficient.  And it was as we didn’t get loaded until 6:30 😦

This was out fourth ferry ride as we’re working our way down the Inside Passage.  The weather has been cloudy so the scenery has been rather bleak.  Wish I could have seen it on a clear day.

Here’s Ketchikan’s waterfront on our way out.  And of course the ever present cruise ships.


Prince Rupert is in Canada so we had the pleasure of being the last off of the ferry and then a two hour wait to drive through customs.  Yuck 😦

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