Clover Pass Resort

Wed, Jul 19, 2017

Today was a six hour ferry from Wrangell to Ketchikan, both Alaska cities on the Inside Passage.  Ketchikan’s main businesses are fishing, tourism and logging.  Here are some examples.

We’re camped at the Clover Pass Resort that also has a very nice RV park.  Wifi speeds of 30 mbps that is unheard of in campgrounds.  We can even stream our favorite shows.  The Open Championship early this morning for me, at least until Carol got up.

Clover Pass’s main attraction is fishing and they have a really nice dock.  Plenty of boats for rent and all the fishermen I talked to came in with limits (6 salmon and 1 halibut).  One guy went out with his wife and 8 yr old daughter and came back with 18 salmon and 3 halibut 🙂

Here’s their rental fleet:


And some of the bounty.  The staff was cleaning all afternoon and evening.


Tourism in Ketchikan means cruise ships.  Big ones.  What makes it possible is the deep port along the city’s front street.

They aren’t the biggest cruise ships in the world.  Just the biggest ones that can fit through the Panama Canal.


And finally logging.  I’m told that industry isn’t doing well but there’s been plenty of logging over the years.  Here’s what it looks like as we were approaching town.


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