Anan Wildlife Observatory

Tue, Jul 18, 2017

In Alaska, bear viewing is a big deal and one of the best spots is Anan Wildlife Observatory.  I’d never heard of it before I got to Wrangell but it’s only an hour away.  So I started calling around and got lucky with Alaska Charters and Adventure.  It turns out that someone cancelled and I got their permit (only 60 people per day).

Just like the more famous Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Anan is located at a falls on the Anan Creek in the Tongass National Forest. The creek supports a huge run of Pink salmon and that brings out the bears, eagles and ravens.

Brenda runs Alaska Charters and Adventure and was our guide.  She’s been doing this for nearly 30 yrs and was awesome.  Here’s her boat and she’s a quick one:


An island on the way to Anan.


The creek where it empties into the ocean.  When we came in on high tide, it was a lagoon and no islands.


And the falls. When I took this picture, it didn’t occur to me to wait until a few bears where in the shot LOL


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