Last Day in Haines, AK

Thu, Jul 13, 2017

We enjoyed our five days in Haines and why not?  It’s a beautiful location that sits on a penensula formed by the Chilkat and the Chilkoot Inlets.   Skagway is around the corner and is the northern end of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Today’s visit is to the Chilkoot Lake and Chilkoot River.

Chilkoot Lake is glacial fed so it has that characteristic green color.  Green because the glacial silt absorbs the visible spectrum except the green frequencies that are reflected.

Here’s the lake and the green didn’t really come out due to the sun position.


And here’s the river that flows out of the lake and the color is really nice.  This is an iPhone picture so I couldn’t use my polarizer to reduce the glare 😦


Another shot of the river.  This is someone’s back yard.  Nice 🙂


On the left is a homemade dry dock and the Chilkoot Inlet is to the right.  To use dry dock, just wait for the 25 foot tide and then pull right in.  You’ll have about 12 hours to make your repairs and then sail away on the next high tide.  Alaska.  I love it!


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