Wed, Jun 7, 2017

Beautiful drive today and not only due to the scenery.  For the first time in quite a while, we were on a road without frost heaves.  Well, not too many of them anyway.

The drive from Glennallen to Anchorage is known as the Glenn Highway and is part of the Alaska Route 1.  It’s gorgeous with mountains on your left the entire way.

Here’s an early section with black spruce in the foreground, a swampy lake and the Chugach Mountains.


And there were a couple of glaciers along the way.  The little town and lodges near this one is called Glacier View.   I wish we had stopped for a better shot but Carol wanted to keep going.  She doesn’t impress easily 🙂


The route follows the Matanuska River shown here.  For this one, Carol let me stop and get out of the car   The one above was shot out of the side window 🙂


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