Alaska – The Last Frontier

Sun, Jun 4, 2017

After five weeks traveling through Canada, we finally crossed into Alaska 🙂

But the last two days sure have been tough.  Rain mixed with the worst roads we’ve encountered this side of the Baja!

Frost heaves are the culprit and when they tear up the road, they do a fine job.  They cause dips more than potholes but they are tough on the suspension.  Thanks to Canada and Alaska road personnel, they do a good job of marking them.  First with a sign and then orange cones marking the spot.

This is a crappy picture but does show the situation.  Yellow sign followed but the orange markers.  They’ve been everywhere the past two days.


I have to be really careful as my Cayenne is fully loaded and there aren’t many Porsche dealers out here.  So we went easy.  In fact, over yesterday’s 142 miles, the best we could do was a 35 mph average.  On a highway with a 65 limit.


And finally we hit the border at the 141st Meridian.  The US and Canadian governments have cut a swath along the border.  Check it out on the horizon. And are those some scraggly spruce trees or what?


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