The Prairie Route

Mon, May 29, 2017

Carol and I drove another 160 miles up the Alaska Highway today.

The road was in pretty good condition except for the occasional potholes.  Yukon does a great job of making them by placing a sign 150 meters in front and then also placing orange cones at the site.  And it’s a good thing because we’ve seen some beauties that would no doubt bend a wheel if not break a suspension component.

The route is known as the ‘prairie route’ and was one of three options they were considering when they laid out the Alaska Highway.  One of the options was already surveyed by the Canadians and was their first choice.  The other followed a well know trail.  But only the Prairie Route linked the airport supply stations that the US had constructed.  Remember this was during WWII.

What’s nice is that the drive is relatively flat.  A prairie if you will.  Here’s a sample of today’s route.


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