Cayenne Issues

Mon, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Our RV park has a self serve car wash that costs a ‘toonie’, i.e., a $2 coin.  The name rhymes with ‘loonie’ the name of the $1 coin since it has a common loon on the back.  I love these coins and wish the US would follow suit and get rid of pennies and the $1 bill.

It was warm this morning and I left the car running for Carol while I sprayed off the car and Airstream.  Then we went across the street to fill up with gas.  I know it isn’t a good idea but I left the car running to keep the AC on.

And then the car died.  And it wouldn’t restart.  Strong battery and no faults from the ECU.  What the ?

My working theory was that water was sucked into the intake during the car wash so we waited a few minutes.  After a few more attempts, it restarted and ran normal.  But my oh my, that scared the heck out of us.

How long do you think it would take a get parts and service for a 12 yr old Porsche Cayenne?

Edit:  The issue has recurred after each fill of gasoline and the ECU is returning a P0441 code.  Apparently my EVAP purge valve is stuck.  This system captures gasoline vapors from the gas tank and then purges them to the engine so that they are burned.  The only Porsche dealer up here is an Anchorage so I need to work out the logistics so that they can get the part and do the work before we depart.  But what part do they order?

Edit:  An internet search suggested that a leaking gas cap might be the culprit.  So I ordered the $48 gas cap while we were in Anchorage and we’ve refueled three times without an issue.  Fingers crossed that we’re good to go.

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