Sign Post Forest

Sun, May 28, 2017

Unique place.  Wonderful information center with artifacts from the construction of the Alcan highway.

Alcan is the old name that I learned back in the ’70’s.  Not sure when or why but it’s the Alaska Highway now.

As for the Sign Post Forest, I’ll let Wiki give the summary.

Sign Post Forest is a collection of signs at Watson Lake, Yukon and is one of the most famous of the landmarks along the Alaska Highway. It was started by a homesick G.I. in 1942. He was assigned light duty while recovering from an injury and erected the signpost for his hometown: Danville, Ill. 2835 miles. Visitors may add their own signs to the 100,000 already present.




2 thoughts on “Sign Post Forest

  1. It’s great catching up on your posts from the last two weeks. Cher and I just got back from two weeks in Spain and France. Great vacation! From your posts, it’s clear you are having a great time checking items off your bucket list. Beautiful scenery you’ve captured.


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