The Scenic Route to Alaska

Thu, May 18, 2017

Carol and I left Jasper Natl Park today for the small town of Grande Cache.  It’s on Highway 40 and we’re getting closer to the Alaska Highway.

In conversations with the locals, we heard references to the ‘scenic route to Alaska’ but didn’t really know exactly what they were saying.  But today it became clear.  When we turned off of Hwy 16 to Alb Hwy 40, there was a huge sign that said ‘Welcome to the Scenic Route to Alaska’.  But I didn’t know to expect it and was too slow with my camera. So no picture for me 😦  This one I grabbed off the web.

Scenic Route 2

This was our first day driving in the Canadian Rockies with partly clear skies.  So our first good views of the mountains.  This shot was just out of Jasper:


We’ve been following the Athabasca River and here’s a bit of it with some beautiful (scraggly?) pines.


Heading into a wall of mountains.


And finally, some big horn rams.  Girls on the left, boys on the right.




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