Sun, May 7, 2017

After three weeks on the west coast and three great days in Vancouver, we packed up and headed inland to Kamloops.  This is significant to us since it’s been wet and cold on the coast and we’re hoping for warmer dry weather.

About 90,000 people call Kamloops home and it’s that last large city that we’ll visit before our arrival in Anchorage.  There’s even a Costco here.

The drive to Kamloops was a bit long but couldn’t have been easier.  You simply head east on the four lane Trans Canada Highway and voila, you’re there.

Just as we were leaving Vancouver, we crossed the Fraser River on this gorgeous cable-stayed bridge.  Although a sight to behold, our $9.50 toll was a bit steep 😦


And then inland threw the Fraser Valley with its vineyards and agriculture.


And finally Kamloops countryside near our RV park under clear skies 🙂


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