Vancouver Mt Biking

Sat, May 6, 2017

We’re in Vancouver where the local parks are full of trails that are open to both hikers and mountain bikers and it seems to work just fine.  Unlike Marin where the two groups act as if they are mortal enemies.

At any rate, I’m traveling with my single speed cyclocross bike.  It’s basically a road bike with clearance for fat tires so it resembles a mountain bike and I’ve been enjoying the local trails.

And then I ran into the boardwalk and boy are they slippy.  I’ve never been one to shy away form a challenge but what I don’t need is another broken bone.  Call me what you want but I walked.  And darn near fell anyway.


Boardwalks are great to protect the environment but the Crazy Canucks have taken them to a whole new meaning on Vancouver’s North Shore.  Google ‘mountain biking vancouver north shore’ and click on images.  You won’t believe what they’ve done.

Here’s a example.  Crazy, eh?  I’d give it a go if it were dry and covered in sandpaper.  But otherwise, no thanks.


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