$5.67 Gasoline?

Tue, May 2, 2017

Yes, $5.67 is the cost of a gallon of premium at the local Chevron.

Gasoline in Canada is priced by the liter and the posted price for 91 premium was $1.499.  Multiply by 3.785 and you get $5.67.  Crazy, eh? (pronounce it the Canadian way as a hard A).


But wait, there’s more.

See that Supreme Plus on the left?  That’s 94 octane, something we don’t get back home.  What if I had filled up with 28 liters of Supreme Plus and 28 liters of Regular?  The octane of the mixture would have been 90.5 or thereabouts.  And the ave price would have been (1.539 + 1.319) / 2 = 1.429, a savings of 7 cents per liter (26.5 cents per gal!).  Multiply by 56 liters and we’re talking real money.  As in $3.92.  Arbitrage, anyone?

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