Parksville Beach

Mon, May 1, 2017

After three enjoyable days in Victoria, we packed up and moved about 80 miles up the coast to Park Sands Beach Resort near Parksville, BC.  Why RV parks like to use the word ‘resort’ in their name I do not know.

Our location is right next to the beach and it’s a great view from our dinette (if you ignore the chain link fence grr).


What’s really impressive is how level and deep the tidal area is.  It’s got to be a half mile out to the water and the high tide line is right at my feet.  So yes, we are at (or near) low tide.  It’ll be cool to take this picture again at high tide.


And a gratuitous picture of TiVo, our Yorkie who loves the beach.  BTW, that’s sand not mud 🙂


Edit:  It’s 9:45 PM and high tide is still 2 hrs away.  But the beach is completely covered.  Here’s my shot with the same camera/lens from the same spot.  This tide moves fast.


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