Cycling the Galloping Goose

Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Victoria is a very charming town.  Beautiful landscapes, narrow meandering roads, wonderful restaurants and lots of parks and green spaces.

They also have an extensive trail network.  In fact there’s one right out side our park that parallels an unused railroad track.

It’s the E&N Rail Trail and just down the line is the Galloping Goose regional trail.  And it goes forever!  Well, long enough that I didn’t have time to reach the end.


The trail is mostly through wooded areas and fully sheltered from the roads although there are crossings that’ll slow you down.  And parts are crushed rock instead of blacktop but still very smooth.  This is my idea of what should be included in an infrastructure update.


Speaking of infrastructure, they’ve also installed water fountains.  And the good ones with a tap to fill bottles and ground level bowl for man’s best friend.


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