Butchart Gardens

Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Carol says it’s more spectacular than any of the national parks we’ve visited.  And I’m not one for flowers.  But this was something special.

We visited Butchart Gardens today and wow, wow, wow.  It was pretty cool.

Tulips are in bloom this time of year and they have hundreds of thousands.  What do they do when the bloom is gone?



Here’s another shot in front of the Ross Fountain.  This lake is in an old limestone quarry.


Here’s another shot of the quarry.  It was stunning and I wish I had waited for the paths to clear for a nice shot.


And yet another shot.  The mound in the middle is limestone but the Butcharts covered it in ivy.  Sweet, eh?


On our way back, we walked across the back lawn.  This building was the Butchart family house.  Nice.


And finally the Italian Garden that was installed over the tennis courts.


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