Mendo Water Towers

Tue, Apr 18, 2017

It’s our last day at Casper Beach, just north of Mendocino.  And what a beauty it is.  Warm with lots of sunshine.  Here’s the local lighthouse:


Amazingly, the Town of Mendocino does not have a municipal water supply.  Instead, the residents rely on some 400 private wells.

Fresh water wells are great but what about water pressure?  In the Bay Area, water towers are rare as the water districts simply put their tanks on top of the hills.  The height above the end user is what creates the water pressure.  And historically the pressure was measured in ‘feet of head’.

So in a place without hills, you build towers.  Since they didn’t have a public water system, people took it open themselves to build towers and Mendo is famous for them.  Google it and you’ll see that some have been converted into hotel rooms.

Here are pics of a few of them.

Side note:  Years ago, I was traveling through the midwest with a colleague who’s also a very smart chemical engineer.  He pointed at a water tower and asked ‘what’s that for?’.  He thought that water was pumped to houses instead of being gravity fed.  We both had a good laugh on that one after a few beers…

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