Year Two

Sat, Apr 8, 2017

We did it.  Met with our tenants a few days ago and signed a lease for a second year.  This means that we can’t go home until July, 2018.

We’re nearly eight months into this adventure and it’s been a hoot.  Currently back in the ‘hood for a two week stay and then we’re heading to Alaska.  Should be back to Marin in late Aug.  Then it’ll be the end of our first year.

Year two will be different.   We’ve decided to shelve my ambitions for the trans-Canadian drive and then a trip to the Florida Keys.  Instead we’ll chill on the West and Central coasts this fall and then spend Dec – Mar in AZ.  Not sure what we’ll do next spring.

As for now, it’s yet another rainy day.  But I got out for a quick spin and took this pic of Corte Madera Creek.  Hershey’s chocolate muddy!!  Same as the bay!!  It’ll take some time for the bay to clear out but what a wonderful rainy winter it has been.

Here’s the creek:


2 thoughts on “Year Two

  1. Hi Pat! We’re going to work our way up the coast to Vancouver Island. Then east to Banff and Jasper before we turn north on the Alcan. We’ll planning to be back in Nor Cal in Sept & Oct so that’ll be a great time for a rendezvous. Safe Travels 🙂


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