Dog Attack

Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Carol and I camped last night just outside of King City.  On Hwy 101.  Nice place with the wonderful Wildhorse Cafe next door.

This morning I went out for a run on Wildhorse Rd.  Picked it because it went up a hill and toward the vineyards.

Just as I was heading up the hill, three dogs came racing out of a decrepit property with all their teeth showing and barking like crazy.  And me?  I’m in the middle of the road minding my own business.

Three of them at 25, 35 and 45 lbs.  Normally in this situation, I’ll freeze and calm them down.  But not with these dogs.

So I’m back peddling like crazy and there’re nipping at my feet.  If I had fallen, I have no doubt that they’d have chomped into my legs or arms or whatever flesh they could grab.

The 25 pounder on my right bit my shoe half a dozen times and finally hit my ankle.  Small wound, a scratch really, but a teeth wound nonetheless and the possibility of rabies.

So finally I’m out of range and they head back home.  But what to do?

The rabies virus is no joke so I called 911.  Transferred to the Sheriff’s office.  The sheriff officer called me back and picked me up at the Wildhorse Cafe.  Then up the road to the scene.

I couldn’t have been more vindicated.  The officer drove into the driveway and seven (!) dogs came racing out.  Thumping into his car.  The officer could barely get out of that property with his squad car intact.  Crazy stuff.

He commented that he’s been on this road hundreds of times and has never seen them.  But while we were there, a pick-up going the other way stopped to say that he sees them every day.  Chasing cars.  And a laborer working on a construction project across the street told me that he’s been bitten and that they’re mucho problemo.

Back at the rig, I’m texting with animal control who wanted a picture.  As I said, it’s barely a scratch but here it is:


Animal control told me that all animals at the property are current on vaccinations but I’m skeptical.  I also asked about laws around animal attacks.  Was told that if a bite occurs, quarantine.  Public protection from dogs can be leveled against the owner if I press charges.  I’ve never done that before but I won’t sleep well if I don’t.  So that’s what I’m going to do.

Here’s the offending critter.


3 thoughts on “Dog Attack

  1. Animal control is heading there today to take the dog for a 10 day quarantine to test for rabies. If I file a charge, it’ll be a misdemeanor for failure to control a mischievous dog. I’m waiting to hear back from the officer of their assessment of the situation.


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