Pismo Beach

Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Today was an easy one as we travelled a mere 73 mi from our Santa Barbara RV park to Pismo Coast Village RV Resort.

With the winter rain, California’s country side has exploded with flowers and the hill sides look more like Ireland that what we’re come to know.  And the vineyards are also beautiful even though dormant this time of year.

About about half way here, a Jeep towing a Bambi (a single axel Airstream) pulled in front of us so I though I’d follow for a while.  Wondering whether he was going to the same place.  So we trailed him and sure enough, he brought us right here.  Nice 🙂

Here he is on Hwy 101:


After settling in, TiVo and I headed to the beach.  A walk all of 50 yds.  Here’s our first view.  And a river separating us from the surf.  Looks like we’ll have to show that river who’s boss LOL



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