Tough Drive Out of Death Valley

Thu, Mar 16, 2017

We bailed on Death Valley this morning.  Just too hot for camping without air conditioning.  Maybe when we were younger.  But not as retirees that know better 🙂

And no flowers 😩  Last year there was a Super Bloom and March set an all time attendance record.  So you can imagine how disappointed we were with no flowers this year.

So off we went to the west on Hwy 190.  Beautiful drive for me.  But not so much for Carol.  Her view of Death Valley is that ‘it’s ugly’ and ‘don’t go there’.  Too dry and desolate.

And then there’s the climb out of the valley.  Furnace Creek is 190 ft below sea level and the mountain pass is nearly 5,000 feet.  So it’s quite a hump.

The first part was easy as it was up and across the valley.  Here’s a typical view.


With lots of straight lines.  What could go wrong?


And then we started the climb.

Going up was slow but not too bad.  Very little traffic and the Cayenne did great although I would have liked more power.  Then down the back side with guard rails protecting killer drop-offs.  Carol wasn’t amused.

She suffers high anxiety under normal conditions so this was a doozy.  And she was riding in the back.

I don’t have shots of the tight turns as both hands were on the wheel.  But here’s one and if you look in the center, you can see the highway crossing the next valley.  And is that Mr Whitney, the tallest point in the continental US, on the horizon?


Then it was up and over the next range before we reached Hwy 395 and the Owens Valley.  Driving through stuff like this is fun for me but Carol couldn’t wait for it to end.  But end it did with this view of the Sierra on the approach to Hwy 395.


And then we drove into Mojave for lunch and all was forgiven 🙂

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