Tecopa Hot Springs

Tue, Mar 14, 2017

We had plans to camp four nights in the RV park at the Furnace Creek Inn and Resort in Death Valley but the 95 F weather forecast had us more than just a little concerned.  So I called to ask if they could assign us to a spot with some shade.

After confirming the details of our stay, I heard the words that no RV’er ever wants to hear:  no hook-ups.  That means no water, no sewer and, most importantly, no power to run the air conditioner.  This is a nonstarter.

So Carol and I pulled over at the next town and started working the phones.  No vacancy in the rooms at the Furnace Creek Ranch Inn and Ranch.  And no hook-ups at any of the other campgrounds in the park.

So we kept searching and found the Tecopa Hot Springs.  Yes it’s outside of the park but it’s right on our way and there are three RV camps with FULL hook-ups.  And one of them had a satellite internet connection.  Yippee since there’s no phone service in town. All in all, not too bad and there’s a BBQ place within walking distance.

The high temp hit 97 F but it cooled off as soon as the sun went down.  And the overnight low of 53 meant we didn’t need the A/C.  Gotta love the desert for the day / night temperature swings.

Here’s a shot of the local terrain.  Death Valleyish, no?


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