Oncoming Big Rigs

Tue, Mar 7, 2017

Our Airstream is 8’-8” wide and I’m told that’s the legal limit.  Big Rig’s are also 8′-8″ and that’s also about the width of Mexican Hwy 1.

Whenever we’d encounter an oncoming big rig, I slide to the right as much as possible trying not to let the Airstream wheels drop off the side of the road. This was not always easy as the Airstream wheels are wider than the Cayenne and I know they went off more than a few times.

Alternatively, one could hold your position in the center of the lane but that brings a side swipe into play.  No one suffered that fate but one person lost their side view mirror to a big rig.

Here’s a pic of our Airstream that does a nice job of illustrating the problem.


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