Road Construction Baja Style

Fri, Mar 3, 2017

Mexico’s Hwy 1 is under construction in a lot of places. This means that you detour onto a dirt road. It’s mostly not too bad. But there’s plenty of dust and washboard.

Here’s an example:


And then there’s the bridge construction zone.  The road down into the riverbed was pretty steep but we had enough traction to get up the bank and back onto the road.

We were chatting with a couple that drove that area during the rain a couple of weeks ago.  They said that even pick-up trucks were stuck in the mud. Had we been there on that day, we wouldn’t have had a chance.  Not with our 6,500 lb trailers.

Here’s the scene that I posted when we drove it.  Wish I had a shot on the muddy day.  Well, maybe not.


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