Topes and Topesitas

Thu, Mar 2, 1017

Our route couldn’t have been easier. Cross the border in Tecate, follow Hwy 3 to Ensenada and head south on Hwy 1. Stay on Hwy 1 to Cabo San Lucas. Rinse and repeat. Easy Peasy.

But then there are the Topes (‘toe-pas’). We know them as speed bumps and they are everywhere. How else to slow highway traffic that passes through a small town or village? A stoplight or traffic circle? No chance.

Some are Tope Grande that’ll rip apart your suspension. Others are Topesitas that are hardly worth slowing for.

Sometimes they are signed and sometimes not. Sometimes they are painted yellow and sometimes not. And sometimes they are fake, ie, yellow stripes but no bump. Just play it safe and avoid an oopsie.

Here’s an example that’s properly signed.  You don’t want to hit a Tope Grande at highways speeds…


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