La Ventana – Where Kites are King

Mon, Feb 27, 3017

Happy Birthday to Carol 🙂 🙂

Yesterday’s drive up Hwy 1 was short but no easy feat.  We were told that there was a campsite on the beach near La Ventana but we couldn’t find it.  So I kept driving until we had passed through the neighboring city of El Sargento.  Then on the dirt road after the pavement ended.  Finally ran into a guy who said there was camping ahead, ‘just keep going’.

Well we found it.  About six derelict rigs spread out in no man’s land.  Not exactly what we were looking for.  So we turned back.

Met another guy who knew the campground and gave us directions.   Found the landmark building Playa Central and drove around to the beach.  Uh oh, it’s loose sand and I could tell I was losing traction.  A guy at the bar yelled ‘Stop!  Turnaround! Or you’ll get stuck!’

But was it too late?  I started to back out but only made it a few feet before getting stuck.  Forward a few and then back a few.  Kept rocking it just like growing up in the Minnesota snow and I slowly worked my way out.  Had I gone in further so that the Airstream’s wheels were in the loose stuff, I’d still be there.

So back we went and bingo, there’s the campground on the other side of Playa Central.  No hook-ups so manage your power and water.  But it’s $10 per night and the kite surfers love it.

Here’s a shot of the front row and these guys have been here since Sept.  First come, first served.


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