It was an Epic Day

Fri, Feb 24, 2017

Check out today’s white water and the difference from yesterday’s post.  No comparison.

The weather forecast was for winds of 21 mph but it sure felt like a lot more.  Just standing on the beach meant burning your legs from the sand bombardment.

And boy did the wind surfers and kite boarders show up.

First up are the kite boarders.


And the wind surfers.


And those riding foils.


And finally the ladies weren’t left out of the action.


One thought on “It was an Epic Day

  1. Just got caught up on all your posts, Dave. I guess I was dubious that you’d have service in Baja, and we wouldn’t hear from you until you scaled the brand-new $20 billion wall your president (hey, you voted for this POS–oops, I meant POTUS)! But I have enjoyed these posts, shared them with Cher, and we’re happy all is well. See you in April!


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