El Arco

Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Today was another Cabo classic:  warm, sunny and light winds.  So it was perfect for a paddle out to the arch on Lands End.

The locals clipped me for $30 for the kayak but I didn’t care.  On vacation and heading out tomorrow.  So I headed out.

The business operator said the charge was for the first hour and it’s unlikely that I’d be back before then.  Hmmm.  Now I wasn’t looking for a challenge and I wan’t in a hurry.

But I was a little nervous about the swells and taking photos with my iPhone.  Fear of getting the phone wet or losing my sunglasses but fear nonetheless.

So I humped it out there chatting with the other kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders.  Nice day all around.  And here’s the shot.


When I got back to the room, Carol’s comment was ‘back already?’  I’d been gone barely an hour.  Maybe I should slow down and smell the roses.

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