Agua Caliente

Sun, Feb 19, 2017

We’d heard there were some hot springs nearby and decided to take the plunge, pardon the pun.

The town of Santiago is about 15 mi south on Hwy 1 and we were told to ‘go into town, turn left at the square and follow the power lines’. So that’s what we did.

After about 3 mi, the road turned to dirt but the power lines were still there so on we pushed. After about 7 mi, and having driven through a few dry washes, we arrived at a man charging 25 pesos to enter. Scam I thought but then he handed us receipts. So the entry fee was $1.25 each. Welcome to Baja, señor.

We dipped our toes in the lower pool and it was luke warm. So up the hill we went but the upper pool was actually cold. Off to the side, though, was a section partitioned off with rocks where a gentlemen and his kids were relaxing. Sure enough, they were sitting in the hot spring.

We joined and the water shooting out of the rocks was very warm. Not too hot that you couldn’t keep your hands in it but very close. So we kicked back for some R&R.

And then there were tingles on our feet. Turns out the pool had small fish that were quite fond of your dead skin. Yummy. So we let them have at it and we didn’t pay $150 per hr like those places back home. Win win.


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