The Fishing Village of Mulegé

Thu, Feb 9, 2017

Mulegé is an oasis town in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, situated at the mouth of the Río de Santa Rosalía.  Because of the abundance of water, the area has been inhabited for thousands of years.

Mulegé (moo-la-hay) is internationally famous for its rich fishing grounds and we were the beneficiaries as the fish mongers would walk the beach in the morning offering shrimp, scallops, red snapper and other fishes.  Fresh fish dinners every night were absolutely wonderful.


One of the highlights of this trip was camping on Santispac Beach at Bahia de Concepcion just south of Mulegé.  It is very popular with RV’s and it’s easy to see why.


Here’s a night shot taken from our campsite:


We’ll be back to Santispac Beach in three weeks and we’re looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “The Fishing Village of Mulegé

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