More Color and a Whale

Mon, Feb 6, 2017

Monday started out pretty much the way Sunday ended, i.e., with beautiful colors. In this shot, our rigs are on the left, then the sand dunes, the beach and the ocean on the right.  It was a beautiful morning.


As has been our schedule, we were up and ready to roll at 0830.  This may not sound like an early start but trust me, with Carol it is.  As I’ve done every day for the past six months, I bring her coffee in bed and then start praying that she’ll get up on time.  And there’s no dog big enough to get her out of bed if she’s not ready 🙂

On the way out, we saw a whale skeleton and I couldn’t resist an iPhone pic.  What’s since become clear, there are a lot of these down here.


Today was another dry camp at a place called Catavina up on the Baja plateau. The central ridge of the Baja peninsula isn’t particularly high but the ecosystem varies greatly from the coastal regions.  And our trip was to take us from the Pacific coast over the plateau and then down to the coast of the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez?).

The terrain contained a mix of cacti growing amid the granite boulders. Here’s an example.


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