Beach Camping

Sun, Feb 5, 2017

Today’s drive went smoothly as we passed through Ensenada on our way down to the town of San Quintin.

Ensenada was a trip in itself as we tried to stay together.  No chance, of course, but that’s why we were required to carry a CB radio 🙂


Tonight’s site was a dry camp on the beach at San Quintin. A dry camp means that there are no hook-ups for water or electricity and this type of camping is also called ‘boondocking’.  It’s all battery power and black & grey storage tanks.

The weather was unusually cold and foggy as a winter storm was passing through California and the west coast.  For us it meant that our margarita beach party was postponed and that we were to wear sweats, not tanks and shorts.  Oh well, it’s good for sleeping.

It’s also good for the sunset as the clouds did a great job of refracting the lights.  Here’s the beauty.


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