A Big Oopsie and then Baja Wine Country

Sat, Feb 4, 2017

We’ve been in camp two days meeting with the caravan and getting our rigs and tourist visas in order.  So I was bummed when Murphy reared his ugly head.

On Sat morning, everyone was hitching up and heading out to the road for the line-up.  So I walked to the back of the Cayenne and dropped the Airstream on the hitch.  Then I reached down to attach the weight distribution spring bars to the Airstream A-frame.  But they were way too low and no way I could get them on.  So wtf?

Carol and I have towed the Airstream over 8,000 miles without a major issue and then I can’t hook up on day one of the caravan?  When everyone else is on the road waiting?

It turns out that the hitch has a retaining bolt that I hadn’t been monitoring and it had loosened up.  What a relief that I was able to figure it out and tighten things up after only a short delay.  But nonetheless, I was Bozo #1 on the trip…

Carol and I were able to catch back on to the caravan at the border crossing at Tecate. With a wink and a nod to the local beer (remember the logo ‘Tecate My Body’?), we were on our way.

The drive was wonderful as we passed through Baja wine country. While it’s no Napa, the mountains and valleys make for spectacular scenery.  It may not be saying much that the region produces 90% of Mexico’s wine, but it’s a big deal down here.

Here’s a shot of the vineyard adjacent to the local wine museum.


Then into the RV park that is owned by a orphanage called Sordo Mudo (deaf mute). We had dinner with the director where we offered food and supplies that we had picked up at Costco. He was very appreciative.

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