Cabo to Fairbanks

Fri, Feb 3, 2017

We left Yuma a couple of days ago and are camped in Potrero County park, just a few miles from the Mexico border crossing town of Tecate – as in the beer, i.e., Tecate my body 🙂

There are 15 other rigs in camp and we are heading down the Baja penensula in a caravan run by Baja Winters.  We’ll take 10 easy days to get there, then layover for 14 days including a few in Cabo San Lucas, then another 10 days back to Tecate.  We’re really looking forward to it.

After we cross back into the US, we’re going to Death Valley for a few days then back to Marin via Hwy 1 with plenty of stops along the way.

After our return, we’ll keep the rig pointed north and work our way up to Alaska.  This is a bucket list item for me and it’ll take about 10 weeks to work our way up there.  Carol’s not so excited 😦

It’s roughly 6,000 miles from Cabo to Fairbanks and we’ll be up there from mid June through mid July.

Here’s what it looks like on Google Maps.

Cabo > Fairbanks

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