Back to Sedona

Sat, Oct 29, 20016

After suffering through record heat of 100 friggin’ degrees in Phoenix, Carol and I are happy to be back in Sedona.

At 4,200 ft, it’s quite a bit cooler and was mid 70’s when we arrived and dropped to 59F overnight.  First good sleep we’ve had in a while.

Last week, I commented about all of the trails around town and I hit ’em this morning for a run.  Unlike Mt Tam where a lot of the trails are covered with soft redwood needles, these are killers.  Sharp rocks everywhere means that a fall could be costly.  And I biff hard every year or so.  It’s only a matter of time.

Another issue is that I no longer carry water.  Learned this trick from KR.  Just pretend you’re a camel.  Of course signs at all of the trailheads say to carry water and food.  Oh well, just don’t biff.

But if  you do, luckily the trails are well used and perhaps a good samaritan will come by.


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