By The Numbers

Mon, Oct 24, 2016

Carol and I arrived in Mesa, AZ last Fri for an overnight visit with my parents and some warranty work on our rig.  Then it’s a flight back to Mill Valley to visit friends and take care of some business.

At this point, we’ve been on the road for ten weeks and have visited nine national parks, four national monuments and one national recreation area.  All have been nice but Arches National Park, just outside of Moab, really stands out.

We have covered 8,005 miles and burned 716 gallons of gasoline.  That works out to 11.4 mpg and the total cost was $1,990.  I know this because I’m meticulous about record keeping much to Carol’s chagrin (“why do you always have to write it down?”).

Here are the states that we’ve visited so far:


For safety’s sake, I’ve tried to limit our speed to 65 mph although I’m not always successful.  What’s been clear is that our mileage varies greatly over the 55 – 75 mph range and is also affected by the headwind, if any.  Depending on the conditions, we get anywhere from 9.5 to 13.5 mpg.

And then there’s the elevation factor.  When we were climbing the Rockies, our mileage dropped to 9.5 mpg even though I slowed to 55 mph.  I’m sure I could have dropped it even further with some speed but Carol was having none of that.

Here’s a head-on shot that shows how much wind we are pushing and I think that makes it pretty clear why the mileage varies so much.  It also illustrates the aerodynamic advantage we have over SOB trailers.  In Airstream lingo, SOB is ‘some other brand’ and best said with your nose in the air 🙂


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