Bright Angel Trail

Tue, Oct 18, 2016

If you’re in the Grand Canyon Village and want to run down into the canyon, there’re two choices but the vast majority use the  Bright Angel Trail.


Fully developed and closer to a freeway than back country trail, it’s a busy one with people and mules crowding for space.  It’s a 7.8 mi and 4,460 ft drop down to the Colorado River where Phantom  Ranch awaits with a warm bed and adult beverages.  I only ran part way down and then made a U-turn to get back to the rig.  And since the rim is at 7,000 ft elevation, my lungs felt every step.

Here’s an example of the terrain.


If you do make it to the bottom, you can hike out on the North Kaibab Trail for a 23.7 mi rim-to-rim experience.  Some day…

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