Moab – Off Road Mecca

Sat, Oct 1, 2016

We arrived in Moab yesterday and boy what a playground this is.  We’ve seen every conceivable off-road contraption that you can imagine.  Mountain bikes, three wheel cycles, dirt bikes, buggies.  You name it, it’s here.

I first visited Moab in the 90’s for a mountain biking trip.  One of the highlights was riding the famous Slickrock Trail.  While it may have been slick to the pioneers in their covered  wagons with wood or iron covered wheels but it has the texture of coarse sandpaper and there’s no lack of traction with a modern rubber tire.

One thing that feels different are all of the buggies.  Tons of them with huge travel on the wheels.  They’re everywhere.  Here’s a picture of one ready to go.


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