‘Oh My God’ Highway

Sunday, Sept 25, 2016

After relaxing in camp a few hours, Carol and I decided to drive down to Idaho Springs for some groceries at the local Safeway. But boy did we take a wrong turn.

To reach Central City from Denver, you drive up Hwy 119 about an hour to the Black Hawk exit and then it’s only a couple of miles.  And that’s the problem.  The businessmen in Black Hawk weren’t about to let all those gamblers drive by so they built new casinos.  They now have 18 vs 6 in Central City and do about seven times the revenue.

In an effort to compete, Central City completed a four-lane, 8 mile Parkway down to I-70 that bypasses Black Hawk.  Carol and planned to use it to reach Safeway.  Out of our KOA campground, there’s a sign that points to I-70 and down we went not knowing that we weren’t on the Parkway.

It all started pleasant enough but the blacktop turned to a dirt road and I’m thinking ‘this is a parkway?’.  Carol was driving, sweaty palms and all, and I told her to keep going but it was pretty rough and one of the signs said ‘12% grade, not maintained in winter’.

I took over driving and we made it to the Safeway.  While Carol was shopping, I checked the maps and sure enough, the dirt road was there and so was the Parkway.  So who was the prankster who put up the I-70 sign that pointed to the dirt road?

In the Safeway, Carol asked the clerk about the dirt road and learned that the locals call it the ‘Oh My God’ road.

Here’s a pic I took out the windshield when Carol was driving and before we hit the ‘oh my god’ section.


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