Crossing the Rockies

Mon, Sept 26, 2016

If there’s a more beautiful freeway, I haven’t seen it.

Today was an great day as Carol and I drove I-70 up the front range and over the top through the Eisenhower tunnel (11,300 ft).  The scenery was awesome and I wanted pictures of the drive so Carol ended up doing all of the shooting, windshield glare be damned.

The Cayenne pulled like a champ so no issues there.  Now that lane closure just before the tunnel, well that’s another story.  But what’s an extra hour sitting in traffic when you’ve got all day?

The beauty quotient really ramped up on the down side as we drove past Frisco and the Dillon reservoir.  It was stunning with all the aspens but I can’t say that name without feeling like I’m insulting The City.

Further down we passed Copper Mountain, Vail and finally through the Glenwood Canyon.  The former are well know for their beauty but Glenwood was a surprise for me, a very good one.  It was carved by the  Colorado river which is just outside our back door 🙂

We’re now settled in to our campsite waiting for the debate.  Thank you Dish TV!

Frisco and the Dillon Reservoir.


Aspens along the road and yet more road construction 😦


Even the hillside shrubbery was beautiful – this is just outside of Glenwood Springs.


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